Our AquaHome Solution can be deployed in a single day and
forever changes the lives of families that lack access to clean,
safe water and electricity for lights at home.

Aqua Home

Planet Water’s AquaHome system provides a complete solution for rural homes in developing countries that lack access to clean, safe drinking water and electricity (lighting). Through the AquaHome’s 3-stage water filtration system, source water can be drawn from an outdoor rainwater storage tank with clean, potable drinking water piped into the home where it can be accessed directly from the system’s water dispensing bottle. Powering the AquaHome system is a 100 watt, photovoltaic solar system that provides a sustainable supply of electricity for the filtration system as well as home illumination via five, LED lights that can be positioned around the inside and outside of the home. AquaHome systems are transforming the lives of families across the world by supporting healthy and vibrant lives - providing access to clean drinking water and electricity.


Our AquaHome solution incorporates a 3-stage water filtration approach utilizing ultrafiltration technology to remove bacteria, protozoa and harmful contaminants - producing household drinking water that is safe and pleasant to enjoy at home or take to work or school. The entire system is powered by sunlight via a solar (photovoltaic) panel.


Leveraging the sun’s natural solar energy as an electric resource, a home lighting system is installed providing light from high output LED lights. Children can study in a safe and healthy room rather than over candles or kerosene lamps. The system charging station can also be used to charge devices such as radio or portable flashlight.

An integral part of the AquaHome platform is Planet Water
Foundation’s Water-Health and Hygiene Education program
which educates family members on life-saving behaviors.


Our AquaHome installations are completed in one day - offering a team of volunteers an opportunity to participate in the transformation of a home with a filtered water, electricity and lights while connecting with family members during the process.

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Help us on our mission to alleviate waterborne disease, illness and death through providing clean drinking water access and hygiene education in the world’s most impoverished countries.