CUBUY, Escuela Georgina Baquero

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Located just outside of El Yunque National Forest, a precious tropical rainforest and tourist attraction, stands Cubuy. Tucked away in a mountainous area, its remote location in the region, Cubuy continues without power and there is no clear timeline in place for when electricity will be restored. As a result, the community struggles without safe and reliable access to clean water. An underground cistern provides water when the Aquaduct runs out. However, the water is untreated and creates variability in water access, leaving the community without a source for safe drinking water. The Escuela Georgina Baquero serves multiple nearby communities and was a distribution center after the Hurricanes devastated the island. Because this school has been such a lifeline and central asset for the community, the Agency of Public Buildings for Puerto Rico has recommended the site for an AquaTower because of the impact it will have for so many people in the surrounding area.

Where Leptospirosis has Claimed Life
Cubuy Embraces AquaTower

“Soon after the hurricane hit, the death of a school bus driver was reportedly caused by Leptospirosis - related to the quality of water that was coming from the faucet. As a result of this, the entire community, including my household, only drinks bottled water. With the AquaTower the community will have confidence that there is a source of potable and safe water in the school.”

– Ruth Marin, 56 years old, School Secretary

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