Toul Lvea, Ang Preahpean Primary School

  • 10:00 PM

Toul Lvea Village is a rural village located to the southeast part of Kampong Speu Province, about 53 kilometers from the provincial town. More than half of the local population lives below the poverty line, without clean water, electricity, or proper healthcare service in the area. Villagers generate their income from planting rice, raising animals and from crop subsistence agriculture. Laborers sell their goods to construction crews that are working on sites in the town. Regardless of their daily work, all of the residents are facing difficulty in transporting their products to sell in other areas because of very poor road conditions in the area. The primary school, located in the village center, has one hand-pump well and a pond with enough water for yearround use. The people wish to have clean water supplied into their houses, like in the city, and for every household to have electricity. Through the combined efforts of the Grunfeld family and Planet Water Foundation, World Water Day will be that day when change arrives.

Drinking from Ponds and Contaminated Wells
Untreated Water Sources

“The number of students here has increased every year, but the school is not able to have clean water sorted out for the students. I am very much concerned over our student’s health and their studies. Many poor students cannot afford to buy bottled water. I have requested many times to the Department of Education for clean water treatment facility, but this remains unsolved so far. I’m so happy if my school is chosen for the Project 24 event in the Province.”

– Mr. Um Chhorn, School Headmaster

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