MONTONG TANGI, SDN 2 Montong Tangi

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Montong Tangi is located in the east Lombok Regency of Indonesia. Like most villages on Lombok, Montong Tangi is faced with critical watershed issues that are water supply and management problems caused by increasing forest and water damage, along with land degradation. The region is agrarian, with most families raising rice, copra, cassava and tobacco. Families here face many health issues that are caused by impurities found in the water as a result of runoff from industrial developments and mud during rainy season. They lack water purification systems, resources and practices. Dirty wells contain cloudy water due to infiltration of rain runoff into the well. Because of the difficult conditions of getting clean water, they are forced to consume the water that causes diarrheal illness during the rainy season. The hope of all community members in Montong Tangi Village is to have easy to access to clean, safe water. With the Planet Water Foundation AquaTower and hygiene education provided by Metito, hope will soon be here.

School Headmaster Hopes for Better Attendance
Well Water Seasonally Cloudy

“Our students are severly challenged by the quality of water here at the school and at their home. Our water comes from wells that are contaminated with runoff from the higher mountains that makes our water cloudy and makes us all sick. We often have children with absenses because they are sick with diarrhea or other stomach problems.We are hopeful that the new water filtration equipment will change this situation and all our students will remain in school. The community will be healthier too which is good for our economic situation.”

– Maliki, S.Pd.SD, Headmaster

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