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The Village of Mahalaxmi is situated close to the Gujarat and Maharashtra border. The local community members here collect water from an open well and then carry containers long distances to their houses. Like other villages, the well water in Mahalaxmi is not clean and no precaution is taken to purify the water before using. Most of the people here work as farmers to earn a living. Driving through the village, one will see most houses have cattle and heaps of dry grass outside for grazing. Washing clothes and utensils are also done outside the house, which adds to the collection of stagnant water outside of the home. Animal bio waste is scattered throughout the village, resulting in bacteria and other harmful contaminants entering their homes, businesses and school. A recent medical study at the school confirmed that many of the children are suffering from malnutrition. With OmnicomMediaGroupMENA and Planet Water Foundation interventions during Project 24 this community will begin to achieve their health goals.

Life in a Rural India Community
Untreated Water & Disease

“Water supply is very irregular. I have to carry huge pots from far away to my house. Having a water filter in the school will be good for my kids and for my house too.”

– Mother of a school student

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