DIMANTAL, Dimantal Elementary School

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The indigenous tribe of Igorot is a marginalized group that lacks a homeland resulting from tribal wars over many years. With a typical family size of 10 and meager income, the town of Dimantal is among the poorest in the Philippines. Their water source is a spring that is incapable of producing enough water to provide every home a continuous supply of water. As a result, there is institutionalized water rationing for residents and the school that constrains water delivery to alternating days of the week, and families stockpile vessels of water to manage their off-day needs. With large family sizes, water rationing and the need to stockpile water, this is a tremendous burden when considering drinking water consumption, cooking and cleaning for 10 people. Nevertheless, this tribe is resilient and they believe change will come – their situation will improve. With the Planet Water AquaTower system and hygiene education programs provided by OmincomMediaGroupMENA, this tribal group that has been long overlooked will experience relief – and importantly, hope.

Where to Turn When a Student is Thirsty at School?
A Home-to-Home Search for Water

“We have a school vegetable garden where we get the ingredients for our feeding program. We depend on rainwater to grow the plants. During the dry season, it is nevertheless challenging because the plants wilt. Since water here is a very scarce resource, we just use the small amount of remaining water for drinking.”

– Jay, School Headmaster

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