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Located in the lower lands of Pangasinan province, Salincoaoet is a small farming community that faces deep economic poverty and water contamination issues. A deep well is the water source for the village and its school. The water is not safe for drinking, but very few families can afford purified water, so they drink anyway, knowing the water makes them sick and prevents their children from reaching their full potential. Rice has been the most important crop grown on the flat marsh wetlands here. The typhoon of 2015 devastated rice crops in rural Pangasinan. The families of Salincoaet are still recovering economically, and progress has been slowed because swelling storm waters charged groundwaters with more contaminants. By bringing Planet Water Foundation’s AquaTower water filtration system here, the quality of drinking water will dramatically change while significantly reducing dependence upon contaminated wells. Installation of the system at the elementary school will provide safe water at school for children and the entire community.

Well, Well, Well
Contamination at the Source, Too

“My father passed away when I was three while my mother left our home for unknown reasons. My brother and I are left with our grandmother who is already sickly. She couldn’t work anymore, so we get by each day through the generosity of our neighbors. We drink water from the deep well even if it is not safe because we have no choice.”

– Tin-tin, 6th grade

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