Calantas, Calantas Elementary School

  • 11:00 PM

Located southwest of San Juan along one of the tributary rivers that make up the Lobo River lies Calantas, a small rural community where most houses are made of bamboo, rattan and scrap wood. Residents here work hard to earn a modest living by raising animals, managing grazing lands and farming. Because of its mountainous location, transportation is difficult and expensive; making travel to purchase goods or services nearly impossible. The nearby upper Lobo river tributary is very important to the village because most people go there to do laundry and bathe. At the same time, women and children collect water for drinking and then carry buckets or containers back to their homes or school. A few households, and the school as well, have electric-powered pipes connecting from the river; but the electricity supply is not dependable. No electricity - no water. During Project 24, Planet Water Foundation will provide an AquaTower water filtration system and hygiene education programs that will help change behaviors that can improve health by changing hygiene practices.

When Water Runs Out Before the Bell Rings
Collecting Water Poses Many Risks

“Hand washing is not a usual practice by most children. It is challenging to teach them hygiene habits since we have limited water supply in school. Furthermore, the school has no funds to provide soap for them on a regular basis.”

– Roxanne, 3rd Grade Teacher

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