LEPAK, SDN 4 Lepak

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SDN 4 Lepak is located right in the densely populated area of Lepak Village, east of the Lombok Regency. The source of water at the school and in the households comes from wells and rainwater that is collected in the homes. The source of livelihoods in Lepak Village is typically earned as farmers, farm laborers, stonebreakers & local traders (street stalls around the village). Challenges in Lepak are in large due to the construction of buildings in the village. There are very narrow spaces and access for water flow to the fields and to the wells becomes polluted. Common negative impacts are malaria, itching, skin diseases, and typhoid. A lack of knowledge and understanding of health and hygiene compounds the severity of conditions here. The hope for the future is to have access to clean water, as well as to receive education about a healthier and more hygienic way of life for future generations to be healthy and smart. With a Planet Water Foundation AquaTower and hygiene education programs, the entire village will improve in overall health with access to clean, healthy water.

Typhoid, Malaria and Itching Are “Normal”
Village Chief Expresses Needs

“Parents of students, every day are busy with their activities as agricultural laborers and so forth. To have time with their children alone is lacking, so the only place to play as well as produce a child’s feelings is at school. The impact of consuming water without being boiled is that many students experience skin diseases, diarrhea and some have dengue fever.”

– Muslihan, S.Pd, Headmaster

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