BELVALI, Higher Secondary Ashram School, Bhatane

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Belvali is a tribal village where the school is located in a small hamlet named Bhatane, in the village of Belvali, Palghar. Residents here largely engage in rice farming and earn daily wages by working in small industries nearby. This community has an overhead water storage tank that holds 20,000 liters with water supplied by the government. No specific time or schedule exists for when the tank is refilled, so the community is at risk. In addition, various pipelines connecting the water tank to the households are poorly maintained and never cleaned. Alternatively, the village has a well that is used for the majority of water that is hand carried to the many homes in the village. On average, the villagers have to travel around 400 meters to collect this water. There are two major concerns about the quality of water at the well: 1) the well is not covered and therefore, it collects many types of pollutants; and 2) there is water scarcity in this well from February to June during the dry season.

The Patil Family of Belvali, India
Water Consumes Their Day

“Water is a basic need. The water supplied to the tanks in the school are not purified. It would be better if we had water which is treated before reaching the students.”

– Mr Abhay kumar Goverkar, Teacher, Grade 5

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