Lech Boeng, Sambath Udom Primary School

  • 06:00 PM

Lech Boeng is a remote village that is located to the southeast direction of Kampong Speu Province, about 45 kilometers from the town. Large numbers of the local population live below the poverty line where most of them are living with-out clean water and electricity. The villagers generate their income from planting rice, raising animals and from crop subsistence agriculture. The local infrastructures are out of date and have caused many hardships for them to transport their cultivated products to sell in the town. Sambath Udom Primary School is built in the middle of the village and is conveniently located for the village children and other surrounding villages. The school has two hand-pump wells, however one no longer works. Many people in the village come to collect water from the single well. Local people hope that in the near future, their village will have access to a clean water supply so their daily living could be improved. Through the combined efforts of VF and Planet Water Foundation, World Water Day will be that day when change arrives.

Drinking from Ponds and Contaminated Wells
Untreated Water Sources

“Our students here are not healthy because they are from poor families and we do not have any clean water treatment facilities in our school and we can not afford to buy them. I always make aware to all students to boil water before drinking, but we are not able to control what they are doing because they still drink untreated water. It would be appreciated if someone could bring clean water into our school for the sake of the students and the villagers here.”

– Mr. Pen Navuth, School Principal

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