MANOR, Govt. Primary Ashram School, Takvahal

  • 11:00 PM

This primary school is situated in the village of Manor, and children from seven nearby villages attend here. Takvahal is a residential school, where students live full-time. With few possessions and few places to store them, students carry a small bag with them while studying and stay in the same room for almost a year.There are two sources of water into the community: 1) an overhead water tank that supplies households with fluctuating quality and quantity of supply and; 2) a small nearby lake that is filled with algae and fungus, along with myriad other contaminants. When the water tank reserves are low or stopped altogether, villagers will use unfiltered water from the nearby lake for drinking water. Water-health and hygiene practices are not generally found among the students, so they commonly wash their hands, dishes and other items, without soap, in the same basin as their drinking water. This practice can make them sick and lead to school absences or hospitalization.

Government Water Supplies or a Murky Lake
Few Good Options for Water

“We try our best to make students practice good learning practices and also take measures to keep them safe and healthy. So a donation of a water filter from your company will be a motivation for not only school, but also to the students.”

– Grade 5 Teacher

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