BARRIO TRES MONJAS, Escuela Emilio Del Toro

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The G8 Communities are eight barrios in the outskirts of San Juan. While physically close to the primary commercial and business areas of the city, they are worlds apart. These communities started as informal settlements along the Caño Martin Peña, a river channel that once a thriving mangrove than ran through the city. Many original residents relocated to this area as they were pushed out from the construction of the business that rose up around them. As the population grew, the wetlands have since become highly polluted filling with debris and silt. Services are limited in the area and there are no drainage systems in the area; and when it rains, the area floods creating additional challenges in accessing clean, safe water. The AquaTower project, supported by Watts Water Technologies, will provide this resilient community with a vital tool to support them as they continue to rebuild following Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Rebuilding with Conservancy of Nature
A Sustainable Community Rises

"While the natural ecosystem of the area was destroyed after the hurricanes, the settlement has grown into a unified and organized community - establishing their own Community Land Trust and local organizations to oversee the activities in the community. These efforts have won them international recognition for creating sustainable community development models for informal settlements."

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