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Barrio Israel is one of the smaller communities within the G8 Communities, a group of eight barrios that emerged as informal settlements in the shadows of San Juan. The community is located closest to the Caño Martin Peña, a waterway that use to run through the city and is now clogged with pollution, and is therefore most susceptible to the flooding that occurs each time it rains. Because these communities are informal settlements, infrastructure for sewage and water is extremely limited. When the area floods, drinking water sources become contaminated, resulting in an ongoing lack of trust of the cleanliness of the water. A clean, safe water supply has long been needed in this community – becoming more critical since the impacts of Hurricane Irma and Maria. Watts Water Technologies support of an AquaTower project in Barrio Israel will provide a long-needed asset to this community.

A Community Group That Waits for No One
El Caño G8 Sets the Footprint

“The island is going to receive more intense hurricanes as the atmosphere and oceans warm,” says Louis Jorge Rivera Herrera, a San Juan-based environmental scientist and winner of the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize. “The kind of community projects you see in El Caño, deeply rooted in citizen involvement and empowerment, provide an excellent footprint to follow in the years ahead.”

– Credit: Alexander Zaitchik October 17, 2017 Rolling Stone Magazine

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