MALINAO, Malinao Elementary School

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Milanao is located high on the mountain of Batangas, a region with terrain so difficult it is nearly impossible to access without a four-wheel-drive truck – especially during the rainy season because of the slippery slopes. Villagers earn a meager income growing livestock and planting crops that grow in the high mountain regions of the Phillipines. A few families sell wood and charcoal – both valued commodities. Renting motorcycles is expensive, so they typically transport their products by foot to the lowland and make the long return walking up the slippery hillside. Communication presents challenges because cell phone signals are unreliable or non-existent, so they often travel to the next village to make calls or send text messages. Most students walk from their homes to the school. There is not enough water in school, so they carry containers from their homes. The water they drink is from the river. With an AquaTower from Planet Water and Xylem Watermark, their supply of clean, filtered water will be dependable; a rare situation for these families.

An Impossible Situation with Few Alternatives
Where The River Gives and Takes

“My 2-year-old sister always has a tummy ache because of the drinking water. Some grown-ups say that the water from the river is good for drinking. However, my guess is it gets contaminated when we carry it to our home.”

– Efren, 12 years old

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