Mendwan, Govt. Ashram School Mendwan

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Mendwan is a small village located approximately 80 kilometers from city of Thane in Maharashtra. Despite being located on the primary National Highway, the village still faces many challenges in respect to hygiene and sanitation practices. Often, teachers visit sick students because of their high absences from school due to illness caused by the water. This is one example of many similar incidents demonstrating the necessity for clean water and hygiene education in this village. A bore well next to the school is the only source of water for the entire village. On average, children and women walk 500-600 meters to carry water home after collection. Villagers here practice farming to earn their livelihood and also keep cattle nearby their houses for additional income. The cattle, and their waste, further complicates the health conditions with added contamination to their households. With intervention of Xylem Watermark and Planet Water Foundation, access to clean, safe water is soon a reality.

Reduced Frequency and Burden of Hospitalization
Purification of Existing Sources

“Our staff was happy when we came to know about this donation. We are sure this filter will bring positive changes in the school in terms of attendance, health, etc. Looking forward to the water filter.”

– Mr Vilas Pardhi, Head Teacher, and Grade 5-7 Mathematics Teacher

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