REPOK BUNUT, SDN 7 Gelanggang

  • 01:00 AM

As with other villages in the east of Lombok, Repuk Bunut Village experiences the same thing as the other communities on the island - water pollution problems and lack of access to clean water. Of the more than 1,250 residents in this village, only 14 wells are actively used to meet the daily water needs - but the water is dirty and harmful when consumed. Unfortunately, there is no other choice but to use the water - greatly affecting the education of students. Students often do not bathe frequently, have skin diseases, and have minimal knowledge of the importance of clean, safe water. This combination is a very visible challenge for the young generation, and it will be very hard for the next if guidance on how to maintain personal health and hygiene awareness is not provided. Access to clean water is needed to change life, to be healthy and clean, and in order to provide the younger generation a better life through a better education and healthy lifestyle. Xylem Watermark and Planet Water Foundation will provide the change this community needs during Project 24.

When Well Water Is Consumed in Class
Effects Felt Almost Immediately

As the principal here, I have been trying to provide water facilities for school but, to meet the needs of 226 people every day is very hard because there is no budget from the government for it. We have told the students to bring water from their house, but sometimes they do not do it because the water they bring to school is the same from the well.

– Sulhanudin, S.Pd.SD, Headmaster

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