Government Primary Ashram School, Kandarwadi

  • 08:30 AM

Water contaminated with poisonous and corrosive Hydrogen Sulfide

Kandarwadi residents, like all of the villages in the Palghar District, primarily use bore wells with hand pumps to source and access water. Kandarwadi has many hand pumps which makes water easily accessible to the villagers, but it is not purified. The school has two bore wells, and the water is stored in water tanks until it is utilized by students for drinking and hand washing. The H2S (Hydrogen sulfide) test revealed that the water from these tanks is contaminated with the colorless gas that emits a foul odor of rotten eggs and is poisonous and corrosive.

The main road in this village is comparatively better than other villages in the nearby area. There is also a primary health center in the village for medicinal needs. Being nearby the main road, connectivity and transportation is not a major issue. However, poor financial conditions prevent any further development among the villagers who struggle to earn on average 20,000 INR ($375 USD) per year by rice farming, and by undertaking general labor work as needed and when feasible.

The school is situated amidst the village and is easily accessible by all the villagers, making this an excellent, central location for the AquaTower. While the present generation is receiving an education, the previous generations barely completed their primary education. The villagers are always too busy working to earn enough for their family needs, therefore the school takes care of the students’ accommodations and dietary needs.

The Patil family lives nearby the school, and Mrs. Patel describes their current situation and what it will mean to have the AquaTower installed, "I always feel that although this water looks clean, I’m not sure if it is safe to drink. We are aware of this fact, and the importance ofclean water, but we can’t take any steps to improve the quality of water. We have been always consuming the same water, and have also felt the ill-effects of it in form of dysentery, diarrhea etc."

Teachers, administrators, students and their families are very excited to be receiving an AquaTower as their source for clean water in the schools and for thecommunity at-large. “I am feeling very happy because from now onwards our children will drink pure and clean water. We are hoping to have this tower verysoon in our school. We all are very excited to see that huge tower which we have heard a lot about. Thank you,” states Mr Raju, a 38-year-old community member with children attending the Ashram Primary School.

“We are happy to have this water purification resource in our school. This AquaTower will save our students from water borne diseases. It would also explain to us the importance of clean and safe water.”

– Mr Patara, Marathi Language Teacher

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