Government Primary and Secondary Schools - Ambesari

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Hand pumps and contaminated containers to be replaced by AquaTower

Water is the unfiltered reality in this Ambesari community school – located within the impoverished Palghar District of India. Here, a simple tube well with only two hand pumps serves as the source of water in this entire region. Surprisingly to anyone from the more developed world, the same water from tube wells is used for all water needs - including drinking -and it is untreated before consumption. The school has three 5,000-liter tanks on premise, which is used for storing water for the students and teachers.

The two Government Ashram schools are situated approximately 700 meters from the main community area of Ambesari. Two houses and one shop near the school area are all that support the school’s requirements to provide education, housing, food, water and supplies because students reside in the school and rarely travel the distance to visit their homes. Villagers primarily earn a very meager living by farming rice and raising poultry. Farming does not generate adequate income, therefore villagers labor in the nearby area of Boisar. Total income is very low - around 25000 INR per year ($350 USD).

Indira Dev Gedam describes the situation of Abesari as a struggle to earn a reasonable living while balancing the needs to gather water for home use, “We don’t have water connections in our homes. We go to the hand pump to take water for our daily use - mainly for cooking and consumption. For other purposes like bathing, washing etc. we go to the nearby river that is near the school. We always travel to the school area for our work. Therefore, if an AquaTower is installed in the school, we could collect water from the AquaTower for our consumption while returning from work.There is not much employment opportunity in the village. Even if villagers try, they won’t be able to earn more money. In such circumstances, any help provided in the village will prove to be beneficial."

Teachers, administrators, students and their families are very excited to be receiving an AquaTower as their source for clean water in the schools and for the community at-large. “I am very excited and happy to have this tower in our village’s school. I have seen this at the nearby Murbad School. This AquaTower is very important for us to have clean and safe water. I am personally thankful to Planet Water Foundation for planning to put the tower in this school,” stated Mr. Janu Ghatal, a community member with children attending the Ashram Primary School.

“I am feeling very happy because from now on wards our children will drink pure and clean water. We are hoping to have this tower very soon in our school. We all are very excited to see that huge tower which we have heard a lot about.Thank you."

– Maliki, S.Pd.SD, Headmaster

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