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Existing water tanks and source water test positive for Hydrogen Sulfide

Approximately 100 KM from the developed city of Thane lies the tiny village of Mhasad. Equipped with only basic infrastructure and facilities, the residents make their way through life with meager substance but are happy in the company of their family and friends. As a community beacon of hope to rise from poverty, Ashram Urse school has students attending from the village and also the surrounding nearby areas.

Everyone in the village collects water from the same hand pump which draws water from a bore well. The school’s water is also sourced from the bore hole, however, the school stores water reserves in an overhead tank that is then accessed by students and faculty. The combination of contaminated water tables, lack of any pre-treatment and dirty storage tanks makes the water dangerous to drink. The H2S (Hydrogen sulfide) test revealed that the water from these tanks are contaminated with the colorless gas that emits a foul odor of rotten eggs and is poisonous and corrosive.

Residents earn their income from farming rice and lentils, and some vegetables are grown just outside of their homes for personal consumption. Poultry farming is also profitable, but first they keep the cultivated output for their consumption, and any leftovers are then sold in the open market. On a combined basis, they can earn a very modest annual income of INR 20,000 to INR 25,000 ($300-350 USD).

The infrastructure of Mhasad is far behind the levels found in other smaller villages and is nearly impossible to correct because they are not connected to major roads or to other communities. Medical facilities are very far away and difficult to reach because of the poor infrastructure. Very few homes have a toilet, and most people use a common toilet - if available.

Teachers, administrators, students and their families are very excited to be receiving an AquaTower as their source for clean water in the schools and for the community at-large. Vijay Matera, a 10th grade student at the Ashram Urse Secondary School offered her insights into what the AquaTower will mean to the community and her school, “I am very excited to have this water tank in my school. Now we can drink pure and safe water, and we will be protected from water borne diseases. If this filter will be installed in the school, then along with my friends, we will definitely take care of it.”

“I am very excited and happy to have this plant in our village’s school. This AquaTower is a very important thing for us to have clean and safe water. I am personally thankful to Planet Water Foundation for arranging this facility for us.”

– Mr. Ravi Mater, 30-year-old resident

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