Chedisingh Thakur Ashram School - Sakhare

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Growing school needs clean drinking water to serve resident students

This growing boarding school with 600 students living on campus is located approximately 1 KM from the village of Sakhare. The school provides education to 1300 students, while the remaining 700 students live nearby and commute daily to attend classes. The school has two bore wells on their premises, with source water stored in tanks. Without any purification or treatment, the water is utilized by the students for drinking, washing hands and staff uses it for cooking. Similarly, there is one bore well for the villagers to collect water only when required and most households do not practice healthy habits for storing water.

The village is extremely remote - nearly 40 KM inside of the main highway. Houses are reminiscent of temporary housing and barely suited for a family to survive large storms and dangerous seasonal conditions. During the rainy season, rice farming is practiced in the village, but outside of rainy season, they must search for transient work in the MIDC area. The combination of seasonal employment and migratory living provides them an irregular and low annual income that ranges from 20,000 to 25,000 INR ($300-$350 USD).

Mr. Anil Patel, school Superintendent, felt it was important to express what an AquaTower means to his school and said, “This school is being managed for the past 10 years. We now have the capacity to accommodate 600 students for residential purposes, but soon we will be expanding our residential facilities in order to house more students. The students who come to our school belong to a tribal group, and the tribal group itself faces a lot of financial and social crisis - parents get very little time for taking care of their children, so in the school we try to compensate for their children’s needs.

We make sure to keep students occupied not only in their studies, but also in extracurricular activities. A proper schedule is in place to make sure students get the maximum benefit. We even prepare food in the school for all the students. However, the school has very limited funds, so in spite of all the determination we have, we still fall behind due to improper or the absence of facilities.

Our students have participated in various sports at state level and have won many prizes. They are really very capable. Often, our students miss some of the events due to unhealthy conditions. At this point of time I cannot confirm if all of these unhealthy conditions are due to unsafe water, but installing the AquaTower will definitely improve the health conditions of our students significantly."

“I have not seen such a type of water purifier like this anywhere nearby. Especially during the rainy season, it is very harmful to consume untreated water. I am happy to see such a facility coming to this school.”

– Mr. Yeshwant, resident

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