Buntog, Buntog Elementary School

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Buntog is a rural farming community that is one of the few remaining parcels of land in Canlubang that are awaiting development. Historically, the region has been in a contested state of ownership between large corporations and small, independent farmers. Today, the community farming families are challenged with pressure to leave their farms and homes. Their financial and political posi-tion makes life difficult here.A deep well is the source for water in both the village and school. The well is far from the village, and the village is very difficult to reach. There is no electricity here, so the school and only a few of the homes use only a solar panel, while others depend on candles at night. The people here are very poor, with some households earning less than the US equivalent of $150 per month. The combination of economic poverty and remote water access makes it impossible for families here to buy filtered water. With the Planet Water Foundation AquaTower and hygiene edu-cation programs, the students and families of Buntog will soon find relief from their difficult circumstances.

Proximity of Contaminated Deep Well Preferred
Shortest Path to Water Access

“The water from our deep well is for washing purposes only. I reprimand my students if they drink it since it is not safe, but I still catch a lot of them drinking it because they couldn’t buy purified water. I am not surprised that there are many reports of amoebiasis and diarrhea - not just among children but adults as well.”

– Jobert, 3rd Grade Teacher

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