MURBAD, Govt. Primary Ashram School, Takvahal

  • 06:00 PM

The village of Murbad is located more than 100 KM from city of Thane. Murbad Primary School is located on a large plot of land with students residing nearby. Despite a large school population, there is only one tank in the school with three taps. Water inside the tank is directly supplied from a bore well, but not filtered prior to consumption. This untreated water is used for everything from drinking water to washing hands, utensils, body, etc. Villagers also use bore well water and, to make a living, they practice farming along with operating a few small shops in the village. There is a summertime water shortage caused by lowering of underground water levels, increasing the risk of water contamination. Open defecation is a problem throughout the village, and containers used for storing water are unclean. Parents have little time to educate their children on hygiene measures. In these circumstances, Planet Water Foundation’s hygiene education programs and AquaTower provided by Kentico and Raybiztech, will make significant improvements.

Time, Health and Financial Impacts
Filtered Water Drives Changes

“Water purification filter will be beneficial not only to the school, but also to villagers. This would be a factor to make our students healthy, which in turn would also lead to good study habits.”

– Mr. Prakash, Head Teacher

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