Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools - Rashet

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Scale of clean water need at school a perfect match for an AquaTower

This rare combination of school levels of primary through higher primary is situated in the center of Ranshet, with houses and farms surrounding it –truly the center of attention. The boarding school houses 720 students who live full-time on campus along with some teachers and staff. A total of 1,272 students attend the school. This group will benefit the most from an AquaTower because the production volume will be well suited to provide a sustainable flow of clean drinking water for the school community. The current bore hole well will provide source water for purification.

The Government and Villagers work together to maintain the roads which results in very good connection to the major highways and roads to other communities which would normally result in better economic prosperity, however, the residents of Ranshet struggle to make a very humble living and are often below the poverty line. Typical family incomes are derived from farming, raising chickens and working transiently as temporary laborers in the larger surrounding communities. With an average literacy rate of approximately 60% for children and adults more than six years old, education is critical to lift this village from poverty.

Teachers, administrators, students and their families are very excited to be receiving an AquaTower as their source for clean water in the schools and for the community at-large. Mr. S.K. Bhoye, Superintendent of the school, provided his thoughts on what the AquaTower will mean to the community and school, “We have made sure to give the best academic teaching to our students. In fact, we are one among very few schools who provide education at a higher secondary level. We are trying to give students the best within our means.Any additional facility would be highly appreciated.

We have noticed several cases of dysentery, pneumonia etc. among our resident students during the rainy season. For sure this is due to consuming unsafe water. Though the government has provided us a water filter, it is very small (25 liters), and is just not at all suitable or sufficient for the group of students we have. The presence of a huge purification system will surely make a huge difference."

Mrs. Patil, a staff cook at the school, expressed her joy with the AquaTower's arrival, “I am very happy to have this water system in our school. We will also use this water for cooking the schools’ food and share it with the entire community.”

“I am very much happy to have this water system in our school. It would definitely be very beneficial to the students and the entire community. We will also use this water for cooking the schools’ food.”

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