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Drinking water that supplies the Village of Carboneras originates from a well without any filtration because otherwise, they have to wait for a municipal supply pipe. The school and community cook with the same water, and the school principal assures that the kids suffer from frequent stomachaches and headaches. Children drink water from the tap in the school, causing many students to suffer from waterborne illnesses. Teachers are very worried because students miss classes and fall behind in classwork.

The water is polluted from the many mines around the area. Most of the people work in the mines, while the remaining parents work as day laborers, builders, farmers, or migrate to provide for their family that remains in Carboneras.

People in Carboneras tend to discontinue their education by the time they turn 15 years old, turning to jobs that contribute to household income. The AquaTower will provide safe water for the village to drink and cook, therefore reducing illnesses from drinking polluted water.

"We always drink water from the tap after the physical education class because we feel very thirsty. Sometimes I feel bad after, and my stomach and head hurt me a lot."
- Jose 6th grade student

"My little brother was sick a few weeks ago, he had diarrhea for so many days. My father took him to Aguascalientes, and he was in the hospital for like a week. The doctor told my mom that he was sick because of the water and we need to find a way to clean it. My mom is very worried about all this, and she is taking care of my brother as much as she can."
- Jonathan 6th grade student

"Well, I think is a good idea to put a filtration tower in to help us have clean water, especially because our kids get sick so often. If the school is going to let us get safe drinking water then it will be very nice."
- Rosendo Cruz neighbor of the community

"In the school we usually have problems with our children because they complain a lot about stomach aches and headaches. They miss classes sometimes, and the community in general has a lot of health problems because of the polluted water. A few weeks ago, a newborn died because of diarrhea and all the community was in shock. This water filtration tower will help us a lot at the school and the community as well."
- Ernestina Real 5th grade teacher

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