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Drinking water that supplies the Village of El Giagante originates from a well without any filtration because otherwise, they have to wait for a municipal supply pipe. The school and community cook with the same water, and the school principal assures that the kids suffer from frequent stomach aches and headaches. Children drink water from the tap in the school, causing many students to suffer from waterborne illnesses. Teachers are very worried because students miss classes and fall behind in classwork.

Sometimes they wait for a bottle water truck to come into the community, but it is very expensive to purchase, and many people can’t afford it. The school has around 110 students and 5 teachers. AquaTower will provide safe water not only to the school also to the community.

The average education status of the community is primary school. When the children become seven years old, they drop out from school and start their life as a farmer, working the community land and taking care of the farm animals. The other kids and adults who do not want to choose that path, migrate to another country to provide resources for the families they leave behind in the community.

"We are very happy that you came to us with this project because students will finally have access to clean water. My students usually complain about stomachaches and feel sick very often."
- Jose Villegas 2nd grade teacher

"Is this for real? Because if you are going to open the school gates and let us have clean water, we will be very grateful! Water is very expensive here and what we get from the tap is very polluted. This project is going to be a great thing to have free clean water. Thank you!"
- Ma. Guadalupe Rodriguez, community member

"I drink water from the tap at school. When I am at home, my mom sometimes has to go to the well to get water because we don’t have it from the tap. When my dad is here, he helps my mom with the buckets. But when he is working at the factory, my older brother goes with her. You said we will have clean water soon - and I feel happy because, my family will have too!"
- Allison 1st grade student

"My students have a lot of trouble with stomach infections because of polluted water. All this area, as you may know, is surrounded by mines. In the community, we don’t have a place where we can access clean water. The only way to get it is to buy it from the truck. Sometimes this is very expensive for some families, so if the water filtration tower is built in our school, then we will be able to help a lot of people. Especially my students."
- Teresa Castorena School Principal

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