Krong Preah Sihanouk High School

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Krong Preah Sihanouk High School is located in Phoum Mouy Village within the Preah Sihanouk Province. Residents typically make a living as store operators, government officials and business people. The school is challenged with providing accesses to clean drinking water, so most students and teachers purchase bottled water for drinking.

Mrs. Sun Chenda, school principal, explained that without clean drinking water, most students have to buy bottled water which is very expensive for a village of modest incomes. The principal wishes for clean drinking water to be available in the school and hopes that everyone will have access to clean and safe water free of charge. A water filtration system will help them to alleviate waterborne diseases and improve the school attendance.

"I have to bring water from home but sometimes I need to buy bottled water, at home, my parent treat water by boiling, I used to have suffered from diarrhea, our school’s water source in not safe to drink, everyone knows this. I wish my school could have clean and safe water for free of charge to everyone."
-Kim Mithuna, 11th grade student

"Our school has a large number of students enrolled, so our priority need is clean and safe drinking water. We have challenged with clean and safe water very long time ago and this issue is remained unsolved so far, we do not have budget to buy bottled water for everyone, we all wish that we could have an easy access to clean and safe water in our school for the sake of the students and teachers here."
-Mrs. Sun Chenda, the School Principal

"My school has no clean drinking water and my students have to bring water from home and buy bottled water. We are very long for clean and safe water be available in our school and this could mitigate other non-foreseen waterborne sicknesses among our students."
- Mr. Naet Thoeun, Grade 11th Teacher

"Our village has no clean water supply. They buy water supply from water truck trailers and they treat water by themselves - but children drink contaminated water. Drinking water is our most wanted thing and we cannot wait until all of them have access to clean water supply."
- Mr. Put Savan, 54, the Village Leader

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