MI MTS Maraqitta’limat

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MI MTs Maqaritta’Limat is the local junior elementary school located in Sidutan Hamlet, Kayangan District, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The Sidutan Hamlet has a total of 527 families with a total of 2,108 people who live near the school. Local residents earn their living as construction workers, farm laborers in the fields, and as ranchers. The water source at the school comes from a river after the well at the school was covered with rocks and damaged as a result of the August 2018 earthquake. Even today, the school is in the process of repairing the well, but the task will take some time under difficult conditions. Likewise, with the people in the hamlet of Sidutan, they have utilized the existing river water for all their daily needs such as; drinking, bathing, washing vegetables, and toilet facilities. Schools and local communities do not have access to clean water. Therefore, they use unsanitary water devices and systems to move water from rivers to the schools.

"The school does not have access to clean water for drinking. The only access to water is from the river which is channeled to residents' homes and schools through a ditch near the school. School and residents around the school always accommodate the river water to meet our daily needs. As for drinking and other needs, it is very difficult to get clean water, so teachers and students are forced to use existing water. My hope is that our school can get safe, healthy and clean water sanitation equipment (suitable for consumption)."
- Ruslan Hadi, Spd, Headmaster

"As a class teacher, it was very difficult for me to supervise all students and tell them not to drink river water. Because access to clean water in well at the school was damaged, we were very challenged to facilitate water for students. Even for toilet needs, we had to take water from the river near the school. The impact is that many students in my class get sicknesses from this sitation. The lack of knowledge about water-health and hygiene is also our problem at school, plus the lack of access to healthy, clean and safe water makes students at school randomly drink water. My very deep hope is that I want to have safe access to clean water to meet the needs of drinking in the classroom for students."
- Mr. Saeful Bahri, teacher

"In our community of Sidutan Hamlet, we do not have access to clean water. The source of water that is used every day is water from rivers. Bathing, washing and for our daily needs all use river water. For drinking and cooking needs, we have to wait in the afternoon to get clear water, because in the morning until noon, the river water is turbid with a yellow color. My deep hope is that we can get clean and safe water assistance for the needs of our residents. Because, since the earthquake struck our village, it was very minimal and very difficult to get access to clean water."
- Mr. M,Fauzi, Village Chief

"My name is Amelia. Every day I bring a water bottle from home to the school. If I forget to bring it, I drink the river water directly from the taps. In my school, we don’t have safe, clean water. Since the well water in the school was damaged by the earthquake, it is difficult for me and my friend to get water. Sometimes, my friends and I have to go home early because of heartburn from drinking the water."
- Amelia Putri, fifth grade student

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