Khanh Nhac B Primary School

  • 08:00 AM

Khanh Nhac B Primary School is one of two main primary schools of Khanh Nhac commune of Yen Khanh District, Ninh Binh province. The community is a typical rural area located in the northern plain delta of Vietnam. The naturally flat lands and river network are conducive to rice production. Naturally, most of population work as rice farmers or in corn fields.

The community is far from the urban center of the district and is not yet supplied with clean water from the city water system. Currently, the school is using well water for domestic uses, such as cleaning and washing but, because the well water extremely contaminated with harmful bacteria, the quality is not suitable for drinking in different seasons when water tables rise and then lower. The school purchases drinking water bottles from the market for students and teachers - and this expense for drinking water is a significant burden to the school budget, particularly during summer when consumption is high. Families, with most living on very low incomes, contribute to the bottled water budget which stresses their personal resources. This needless cycle creates financial strain and plastic bottle waste that further contaminates their resources.

"We are very grateful to be selected as the first school to receive this water filtration system in this area. We will no longer have to buy drinking water bottles and everyone here will have drinking water for free; this is such a big change and importance to us. Thank so much for the donors and the organization."
- School Principal, Ms. Hoi

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