SDN 5 Sambik Bangkol

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SDN 5 Sambik Bangkol Junior Elementary School is located in Sambik Bangkol Hamlet, Kayangan District, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

The village of Sambik Bangkol is home to farm field laborers, ranchers and local construction worker. The source of water at the school comes from a nearby river because the well was covered with rocks and damaged from the earthquakes of 2018. Even today, the school is in the process of repairing but the task is difficult with a lack of filtered water and some population who left and never returned. Not only has the school been affected, but the entire village of Sambik Bangkol has been utilizing the existing river water for all their daily needs such as; drinking, bathing, washing vegetables and for toilet uses. Without any resources after the earthquakes, the local community and school have been using improvised ways to move water from rivers near the school, but what water makes it to the school is contaminated and very dirty, making it a serious health hazard for the students to drink.

"School does not have access to clean water for drinking. The only access is river water flowing in a ditch near the school that can be used for the needs of children from morning to afternoon. For the needs in the office itself, me and the teacher brought drinking water from home. Since the earthquake struck our village and there was not a single school left, the school buildings and water sources in our place were closed. So far, apart from the river we also expect government assistance that provides access to water two times a weeks to be shared with residents around the school. And collect the water to provide for the kid in the school. Hoping, Because the water is not suitable for consumption by students or teachers, hopefully our school can get help with water sanitation equipment that is clean, healthy and safe. So that our students stop drinking river water and can enjoy clean water."
- Samawiyah S.Pd, HM

"As a classroom teacher, it is very difficult for me to supervise all students and tell them not to drink river water. Because access to wells in the school was damaged, it is very difficult to facilitate drinking water for students. Even for toilet needs, we had to take water from the river near the school. The impact is that many students in my class often get sick. The lack of knowledge about water-health and hygiene is also our problem at school, plus the lack of access to healthy, clean and safe water makes students at school randomly drink water. My very deep hope as a class teacher is that I want to have safe access to clean water to meet the needs of drinking in the classroom for students. "
- Windi Ayu Wandiri S.Pd, Teacher

"Our community, the source of water that is used every day is water from rivers. For drinking and cooking needs, we have to wait in the afternoon to get clear water, because in the morning until noon the river water is dirty and yellow. My deep hope is that if we can get clean and safe water assistance for the needs of our residents. Because since the earthquake struck our village, it was very minimal and very difficult to get access to clean water. The forced situation that forced us to use the existing water for this time must be done to be able to connect our daily needs."
- Mr. Sajudin, Village Chief

"My name is Anggun, every day my friends and I drink potluck water because at school we don't have access to clean water that is suitable for consumption. My friends and I often drink river water that runs near our school. My friends and I want to have access to adequate water for consumption."
- Anggun Despika Karunia (grade 5), Student

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