Cabuoan Elementary School

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Cabuoan Elementary School is located in Cabuoan Village of Santa Maria, Laguna. The Village has 450 families living below the poverty line with their main source of income derived from farming, rice planting and raising poultry. A limited number of people are working in government positions, so income is very dependent upon low skilled and seasonal work.

The village and school receive their water supply from a spring and shallow well. Although the water may appear clear, it contains bacteria and other contaminants that cause diarrhea and stomachaches. Amoebiasis is prevalent among students.

Cabuoan is surrounded by small lakes that serve as catch basins during seasonally heavy rainfall. Residents complain about waterborne diseases, such as typhoid fever, athlete foots and leptospirosis, that are caused by the flooding and standing water.

Like other schoolteachers in the region, teachers purchase bottled water in town, but they cannot afford to share with their students. Unfortunately, the majority of students drink directly from the taps.

"We have so many cases of Amoebiasis among our students. Some students bring boiled water from their houses to make sure they have safe drinking water."
- Ms. Eloisa Padua, 4th - 6th grade teacher

"It is one of dream and prayer to have safe drinking water at the school for the safety of our students. It is not only a big help for the students, but also to the parents. "
- Mrs. Lolita Mascardo

"Your water filtration system will be such a big help for us. Attendance at our school is often affected by students who are sick from drinking the water. This causes them to fall behind in their schoolwork and puts them at risk of falling to far behind to catch up the same school year."
- Ms. Rhea, teacher

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