ZPPS Pimpale Khalsa

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The school of Pimpale Khalsa is situated in the village located in the Shirur district of Pune, India. The majority of the villagers are involved in farming, focused on sugarcane, sorghum and bajra, while a few others work as daily wage earners in a variety of jobs. This village is open defecation free with the population of approximately 3,000. The villagers are aware about this hygienic practice and they are very proud of this fact. School development and maintenance is primarily provided by villagers who contribute along with the help of panchayat office.

Well water is the source for drinking water, and they store it a water tank that supplies schools and households. The major concern is the sewage water canal passing besides the water source which is a major source of contamination.

Infrastructure problems like roads and sewers, which are not proper or in good in condition, along with a lack of public transportation services, are part of the daily struggle for everyone in the village.

"This project (AquaTower) would definitely be helpful for us, because we have resource to get the water from well, but we don't have filtration to clean the water. The sewage canal is flowing beside the well, so the water contamination ratio is really very high. Second advantage of this filter is that, from the project day onwards, children won't need to carry a water bottle to the school, so it will reduce their weight of school bag. Thanks."
- Village Head, Mr. Sameer

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