Panchayat Union Middal School

  • 08:00 AM

Water shortage is an issue across India, but in the city of Chennai, people and government are more worried about the quality of water than the water shortage they face. News reports show that water samples tested in Chennai are unfit for consumption, caused by increasing pollution from industrial growth that has an adverse impact on water quality.

Within this city lies the Gudvanchery area with a population of more than 10,000 residents. Panchayat Union Middal school here provides academic support to around 318 girls and boys. Teachers and school staff try their level best to uplift the students in academic studies but, due to financial constraints, the school cannot ensure good and safe water to their students.

The school receives drinking water from a borewell that is stored in overhead tanks and then used for washing and drinking without any purification process.

"We are happy to hear about the water treatment solution being offered by you. It would be first time we would have such a system in our school. We were always worried about our students drinking impure water and health hazards directly connected with the situation. This water filtration system will be very beneficial for us."
- Mrs. Bhuma, school headmistress

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