Snuol Primary School

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Snuol is the local primary school located in Snuol Village of Snuol Commune within Kralanh District of Siem Reap Province. The local residents’ livelihoods depend on rice planting, crop subsidiary plantation, raising farm animals. Some villagers are migrating away to work as laborers in the city of Siem Reap. The school and village both face health and economic challenges from lack of access to clean, safe water and electricity. Bottled water is too expensive for most to purchase, so villagers and students are forced to use untreated water from the nearby contaminated wells and ponds.

Because the majority of local community members and children of Snuol Village drink untreated water, waterborne illnesses are among the top health risk concerns. Mr. Mok Rumdos, school principal, explained that because the school is located far away from the town, they are challenged with water supply and electricity issues. Students are often absent from their classes due to chronic waterborne illnesses, thus requiring their families to spend money for medical treatment, which is often unaffordable. The principal wishes for clean water for the village and the school, in hopes of alleviating waterborne diseases and reducing health care costs for the community. Improving school attendance is his primary concern for long term success for the community.

"I have to bring water from home or sometimes I need to buy bottled water. At home, my parent treats water by boiling it, but I have still suffered many times from diarrhea. Our school’s water source in not safe to drink, and everyone is afraid from it. I wish I could have clean drinking water at my school and take it home."
- Nil Noi, Grade 6 Student

"Our school is located far away from the town and medical center and we have been challenged with clean and safe water long time ago. We do not have the budget to buy bottled water for everyone, so we all wish that we could have easy access to clean and safe water in our school for the sake of the students and teachers here."
- Mr. Mok Rumdos, School Headmaster

"My school has no clean water supply and our students have to bring water from home or buy bottled water. We have wished for a very long for clean and safe water to be available in our school so that our class attendance will improve."
- Mrs. Ean Eng, Grade 6 Teacher

"Our village is the poorest among the other villages in this area. My villagers earn about $3.50 USD daily and 102 households have no electricity, no piped water supply in the village, and every household has to treat their own water because we lack a water supply in the village."
- Mr. Yam Sor, Village Leader

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