SDN 6 Pemenang Barat

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Sekolah Dasar Negeri 6 Pemenang Barat junior elementary school is located in Kerujuk Hamlet of the North Lombok Regency, Indonesia. The rural hamlet counts 600 families who draw their income from laboring in farm fields, as ranchers, performing construction work and selling vegetables in mobile carts. The water source at the school comes from a river after the well at the school was covered with rocks and damaged as a result of the August 2018 earthquake. Even today, the school is in the process of repairing the well, but the task will take some time under difficult conditions. Likewise, with the people in the hamlet of Kerujuk, they have utilized the existing river water for all their daily needs such as; drinking, bathing, washing vegetables, and toilet facilities. Schools and local communities do not have access to clean water. Therefore, they use unsanitary water devices and systems to move water from rivers to the schools.

The schools and the Kerujuk hamlet community do not have access to clean, healthy and safe drinking water. Some residents buy refill water and some use existing well water. For the drinking water needs of students, some bring water from home and some ask for drinking water from homes of residents around the school.

"Very often, students experience diarrhea and have to leave class early. My hope is that the residents and I want to get help in accessing clean, safe and healthy water for consumption by our students and the people of Kerujuk Village."
- H. Harun Nurasid, S.Pd

"My friends and I often go to the residents' houses to drink well water directly because there was no money to buy water in the canteen. Sometimes I ignore stomach aches. It feels painful and keep on following the learning activities for fear of missing the lessons."
- Rizqiatul Ulya, grade 6

"At school we don't have healthy, clean and safe water to drink. As a fourth-grade teacher, I often find students returning early because of stomach problems, like diarrhea, caused by the water they consume. Also, our students have very little knowledge about health education and hygiene. Automatically with such conditions will have an impact on the education process at school."
- Mr. Suadi S.Pd

"Our people in the hamlet of Kerujuk have a very difficult time getting clean water. Since the residents' wells were damaged by the earthquake last year (2018), all have used river water to meet their daily needs. The situation of us who live in temporary residential homes often experience illnesses related to dirty water such as diarrhea and skin disease. Our residents survive this situation despite no access to clean water, but it is a very difficult life."
- Mr. Sahman, Kerujuk Hamlet Chief

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