Plutarco Elías Calles

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The village of El Refugio, with a population of 500, is located approximately one hour from the main city Aguascalientes. Residents drink and cook with water that comes from a contaminated well. The principal of Plutarco Elías Calles told us that, every day, four students are absent because of stomach problems caused by drinking the polluted water.

The school has approximately 70 students and three teachers. The poverty here is extreme, so children do not have money to buy bottle water – so they usually drink from the tap or sometimes from the water well itself.

The school principal told us they have a lot of problems with water because they can go without water for an entire week or only a few days. Sometimes, they need to walk 30 minutes to the well to collect water. Because the water is polluted, children often complain about stomachaches, and they miss school frequently.

The AquaTower will provide safe water for the school and to the community.

"Sometimes my stomach hurts and I feel like bubbles are in it. I feel tired and I don’t want to come to school."
- Jade 2nd grade student

"I drink water from the tap because sometimes my mom doesn’t have money to buy from the truck. Other days, my dad goes with my brother to get water from the water well and my mom keeps it in a bucket."
- Mario 3rd grade student

"My students miss classes because they usually have stomach problems or headaches. This is obviously affecting their academic development. Many of them are very smart kids that could be doing amazing things. But, with all the health problems they have, they just cannot perform. This project will help us a lot and we will be able to help the community as well. If our kids have safe and clean water, they could focus on the important things which are studying and getting good grades."
- Esperanza Gonzalez 3rd grade teacher

"We have been asking the government to help us to have clean water, but they never look at us. Every single campaign, they say they will help, but it is always the same result. Our water is very polluted and we don’t have enough money to buy bottle water."
- Delia Montes neighbor of the community

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