Wangjarakea School

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Wangjarakea is a small village located in the eastern Sa Kaeo Province of Thailand, approximately 200-kilometers from Bangkok and far beyond reach of municipal water supplies. The majestic mountain landscape, abundant seasonal water and fertile soil support farmlands tended by local farmers.

In contrast to the surrounding beauty, the water source of the school and community is contaminated groundwater, which promotes waterborne illnesses when consumed. The color of the water is unappealing for drinking and off-putting when used for cooking. The school and community bear the burden of buying drinking water for drinking and food preparation, but this puts an enormous financial strain on the community.

An AquaTower will supply up 1,800 people every day with clean, safe drinking water – plenty of water for the school and surrounding family homes to enjoy for drinking, hand washing, cooking and cleaning.

"Communities and schools have a water source that is not clean and not sufficient for community and school needs."
- Porntip Khanngon, teacher

"There is a need to buy water every week because the community water is not clean and does not provide enough."
- Junyaporn Punta, sixth grade student

"Unclean water affects people in the community, such as the life of agriculture, because the water source in the community is not enough and is not clean for drinking and cooking."
- Somhwang Sreprom, village leader

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