Kok Kreul Primary School

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Kok Kreul is the local primary school located in Kok Kreul Village of Leang Dai Commune within Angkor Thom District of Siem Reap Province. Incomes depend on rice planting, crop subsidiary plantation, raising farm animals. Some villagers are migrating away to work as laborers in the city of Siem Reap, while others commute to neighboring countries. The school and village both face health and economic challenges from lack of access to clean, safe water and electricity. Bottled water is too expensive for most to purchase, so villagers and students are forced to use untreated water from the nearby contaminated wells and ponds.

Because the majority of local community members and children of Kok Kreul Village drink untreated water, waterborne illnesses are among the top health risk concerns. Mr.Song Sou, school principal, explained that the school has no piped water supply. They have two boreholes that are the primary water sources, no water treatment facility in the school, or even proper sanitation facilities. The principal wishes for clean and safe water and proper sanitation facilities available in the school in hopes of eliminating health risk concerns resulting from the use of unsafe water, spreading of germ and reducing the spending on health care costs for the community. Overall, this will help them improve school attendance.

"My school has no clean water for drinking, and I don’t have money to buy bottled water, so my parent boil water for me. I have had diarrhea and dehydration many times because of the bad water at home. In school we do not have drinking water in the school."
- Nhoung Sreo Pao, Grade 6 Student

"Our school has no access to clean and safe water even proper sanitation facilities, so everyone has to sort this out by their own, with many students bringing water from home. We face waterborne illnesses among our students, and this impacts school attendance. We wish to have clean and safe water available in the school for the sake of everyone here."
- Mr. Song Sou, School Headmaster

"Here we do not have clean and safe water, even water treatment. Water from the borehole is unsafe and my students have to bring water from their home. This challenge is unresolved, so our students suffer from diarrhea, dengue fever and typhoid fever – all resulting from a lack of drinking water and sanitation. They cannot afford to buy bottled water, so we wish to have access to clean and safe water in our school."
- Mr. Reth Roth, Grade 5 Teacher

"Our village has no piped water supply. Eighty percent of my village households do not have access to the electricity grid, and our villagers live below the poverty line because they earn less than three to four U.S. dollars per day. They seem unhealthy, and clean water is the most wanted thing for my villagers."
- Mr. Seam Chieng, 56, Village Leader

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