ZPPS Bopgaon

  • 08:00 AM

The small village of Bopgaon is situated in the outskirts of Pune City. Home to approximately 1,500 villagers, the school provides core education and meal facilities to 152 girls and boys. Village homes and the school receive water from an open well which is stored in an overhead tank. Pipelines running from the tank supply houses and schools, but the well is open, making the water they receive very polluted with a variety of environmental contaminants. Water filtration at the home is too expensive for these families, so they drink contaminated water.

Farming is the primary occupation with very low income even with both parents working. The extreme poverty and lack of free time often makes it difficult to adequately attend to their children’s health when they become ill from drinking water.

"I am studying in the fourth grade here. We have seen many students falling ill due to dirty water. If we get a water filtration system, this would be very helpful. With this pure water we all will be healthy and come regularly to school."
- Student Prithviraj Sopan

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