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The Village drinks water from a well that is around 5 km from the school. The alternative is to wait for water to flow from a pipe, but it is from an unknown water source. Once they get the water, they have a tank to store it, but the talk is not clean at all because is very old, and they don’t have the means to clean it often and prevent contamination. They cook with the same water, and the principal assures us that the students often suffer from stomachaches.

The community has a lot of water problems, not only because of the pollution that comes from nearby mines, but also because some days of the week, they don’t have access to water. When this occurs, then they need to make the long trip to the water well and retrieve it by hand.

Some mothers explained that it is very difficult for them to access clean water because bottle water is very expensive. They will be so happy to have the clean, safe drinking water in the school and for the entire community.

"My mom sometimes brings bottle water to our house when she gets paid, but it is expensive. We better drink it from the tap, even if we have stomachache sometimes. My brother was very sick a few days ago, but now he is fine."
- Ana Lilia 5th grade student

"If we get thirsty, we need to drink from the tap we have always done this we like that water. Well, sometimes it taste weird because the teacher said they put chorine in it."
- Alexis 2nd grade student

"I get the water from the well because sometimes they cut the running water from the tap. My son and my husband get it from there in buckets, but it smells weird and we know it is polluted because of the mines. Buying water is very expensive. This tank that you talk about is a great offer for us and we are willing to help you as much as you need."
- Marcela Luevano, community member

"In this community, we have a lot of problems with polluted water. We are surrounded by mines that makes this problem more complicated. my students usually have stomach infections and they feel sick. We don’t have access to clean water because we get water from the water well, or from the pipe. In any of these cases, the water is polluted. This water filtration tower will help us a lot - not only the community, but my school that needs to provide these children with clean water so they don’t get sick and can study."
- Filiberto Jara School Principal

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