Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

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Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla is a primary school located in San Juan de la Natura, a small rural community about an hour and half from the main city of Aguascalientes. For such as small community of 850 people, they have a very big problem because their water supply is a polluted well. If they want to have clean and safe water, they must walk to the village of La Manga, approximately 30 minutes away. Although La Manga is a resource for clean water, many residents of San Juan de la Natura are unable to travel to La Manga, so they drink the contaminated well water.

The school has around 145 students and four teachers. The school principal told us that students usually complain about stomachache and headache, and they miss classes very. The results show in their grades that are low only because of missed school days. Building the AquaTower will help students and the entire community because the school will encourage the community members to get safe and clean water located at the school.

"It’s very difficult for this community to get clean water. People walk around 30 minutes to get it from La Manga, and sometimes is impossible for them to go all the way down to La Manga. With this project, not only the school, but the whole community will benefit."
- Maribel Rodriguez 1st grade teacher

"My stomach hurts all the time. I drink water from the tap because my mom doesn’t have money to buy a bottle from the truck."
- Leonardo 2nd grade

"Sometimes my dad goes to La Manga to get clean water, but when he is working in the farm, he can’t go. So, my mom takes water from the tap or sometimes she walks to the water well to get it because we don’t have water from the tap all the time - only a few days a week."
- Miguel 6th grade

"In this area we usually have problems with water. Sometimes we don’t even have it from the tap, and the other is because is very polluted and the government only put a lot of chlorine in it. They say it is ok for us to drink it, but it is not. If this project is real, we will get a lot of help because, for the first time, we will have access to clean water."
- Estela Rosales, village member

"This project will help the community and especially the kids from this school who usually feel sick and tired. There could be a lot of reasons for this - they don’t have access to healthy food, but polluted water is the main reason for all of the sickness in this community. My students usually complain about diarrhea and stomachache. They miss classes and their academic development is compromised because of this. The AquaTower will help these children to improve their grades and to be healthy."
- Ubaldo Treviño School Principal

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