Justo Sierra

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Justo Sierra is an elementary school located in a small rural village of El Águila, a community that is dedicated to farming and making water wells that supply water for their community, and the surrounding area. The village is far from Aguascalientes, and far away from services they need. The children drink water directly from the well where farm animals are allowed to drink water. Fish grow inside the well, resulting in a lot or bacteria in the water that supplies the entire community with drinking water. With an AquaTower, the community will no longer be subjected to the bacteria that makes them sick.

Most of the houses consist of a single room for the whole family. Still, many have dirt floor and people manually wash their clothes with the same water well.

"We need the tower because my students usually get sick from stomach viruses when they drink this polluted water from the tap. I am sure that if we have this water filtration tower in our school, we will be helping the entire community as well."
- Ana Maria Romo 4th grade teacher

"We get the water from the tank over there, but as you can see, it doesn’t have anything to cover it. They have never cleaned it, and we don’t have another option because bottle water is very expensive. If you say you will bring a water filtration tower for clean water in the school, it will help us a lot."
- Juana school’s neighbor

"Thank you for thinking of this community! We have access to water, but we know it isn’t clean because the tank has a lot of years and they never clean it. Look, the water looks like a light-yellow color, and sometimes it smells a lot of chlorine. We can’t drink it like that. I will be so happy to go to the school and fill bottles with nice clean water."
- Dolores Gutierrez, village member

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