Coralan Elementary School

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Coralan Elementary School is located in Coralan Village a rural Laguna, Philippines town. Most of the 770 families that make this community home earn a living mainly from farming and live below poverty line. The local water district pressure is low, making access to safe drinking water is difficult. Stomach aches are often experienced by children when they are in school.

Teachers here, like most in other schools, are buying bottled water with their own money just to help students with safe drinking water access. Teachers talk about the existing water source and how it is not really safe for drinking but have limited options and resources. The poverty situation makes it too expensive for most people living in the village to buy bottled water, so the suffer the consequences for simply quenching their thirst. With a diarrhea monitoring program in place, they frequently report a large number of diarrhea patients who are sick from waterborne diseases.

During rainy season, the school is often surrounded by flood water, and school attendance is significantly reduced. The Village is requesting assistance from the Government to modify the elevation of road leading to the school, but no budget for this project has been provided. The school administration and teachers were very happy when we introduced the AquaTower project and they said that they will ask the local government help with concrete platform construction and procurement of water tank. The school really needs an AquaTower and this project will have a big impact for the students and the community.

"I buy bottled water in school whenever I have no more water in my jug. I spend about 25 pesos (.50 cents US) a week, which is a big amount for me because we don’t have much. I have no choice because there is no safe water available here. I wish I could just spend it for school materials."
- Ashlee T. Macmac, sixth grade student

"Our children totally need clean drinking water in school. My daughter experiences tummy aches when they drink the water in school."
- Rosemarie Requitod-Jamilan, second grade student mother

"The AquaTower will surely help the school - especially the students. There are days when they skip classes because of waterborne diseases."
- Rea Caisip, sixth grade teacher

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