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From Your Home to Theirs

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Our Home Water Filtration and Solar Energy Power solution can be deployed in just four hours and forever changes the lives of families in rural Cambodia that lack access to clean, safe water and electricity.


Far more than a donation, your group is actively assembling and installing the AquaHome system!

Planet Water’s AquaHome solution provides a great opportunity for families and groups to engage volunteers directly on projects.

An AquaHome project can involve up to six volunteers, be accomplished in four hours, and can involve all aspects of project deployment to include the following activities:

  • Project site selection and preparation
  • Assembling and mounting solar panels
  • Installing the water filtration system
  • Routing of solar electric cables and water lines
  • Positioning and mounting household LED lighting
  • System commissioning and testing
  • Training household members on operation and maintenance procedures

Clean, safe drinking water for the home

A clean, safe water filtration solution for a rural home that turns dirty, contaminated water from their rainwater collection tank into safe drinking water available inside their home. The system is powered via a solar (photovoltaic) panel and makes water safe to drink during a three stage filtration process.

Electrification with Solar Panels

Leveraging the solar electric resource, a home lighting system is installed that includes five, high output LED lights. The system also includes USB outlets used to charge small devices such as radio, portable flashlight, a mobile phone, etc.

Hygiene Education for healthy lives

As part of the solution, Planet Water educates on life saving behaviors that includes how and when to wash your hands and protecting against germ transmission through an activity-based family friendly program. All messages are reinforced on signage inside the home near the water dispenser.

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