Rural Schools

Clean Water Solutions for Rural Schools

Planet Water Foundation’s AquaTower projects provide rural schools and communities access to clean, safe drinking water, handwashing and sanitization infrastructure, supported with an activity-based hygiene education program.

AquaTower - Water Filtration Solution

Planet Water’s AquaTower water filtration solution provides communities, schools, and health centers access to clean, safe drinking water.

Key Features


Planet Water’s solutions are supporting the daily drinking water requirements of over three million people in 1,600 communities across 15 countries.

AquaTower, Handwashing, Planet Water Foundation
AquaTower, Clean Drinking Water, Planet Water Foundation

Drinking Water

The AquaTower’s water filtration system removes pathogens including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasitic worms, viruses, and other contaminates greater than 0.01 micron in size to produce clean, safe drinking water for recipient school children and surrounding community members.

Hand Washing

Integrated into the base of every AquaTower are handwashing stations with integrated soap dispensers that provide the recipient school with a key facility for students and teachers to use on a daily basis. Hand washing awareness and best practices are also reinforced through educational messaging on banners attached to the AquaTower.
AquaTower, Handwashing, Planet Water Foundation
AquaTower, Clean Drinking Water, Planet Water Foundation

Post Project Training & Sustainability

System Training

Post-Project Sustainability

AquaSan - Surface Disinfection System

Planet Water’s AquaSan provides schools with the capability to sanitize latrines and surfaces with chlorinated water to improve the hygiene and health of school children.

Key Features

AquaSan, Planet Water Foundation

School-Based Hygiene Education

Water Health & Hygiene Education, Planet Water Foundation

Changing Behavior Saves Lives Through Child-Friendly Programs

Kicking off the installation of our clean water solution, Planet Water implements a school-based Water-Health & Hygiene Education program in each school we support. Our four-module, four-week program educates children on the importance of clean water as it relates to the spreading of germs, proper method of hand washing, and protecting against germs through a hands-on, activity-based program which incorporates games, drama, song and dance. All materials are delivered by trained teachers in the local language.

Community-Based Hygiene Education

Expanding Awareness in the Surrounding Community

To drive a wider impact, our community-based hygiene education program is also deployed. This program is designed to educate and empower children and their caregivers to create a change in knowledge and behavior around water-health and hygiene. Facilitated by Planet Water educators, the program includes content on healthy hygiene habits. Home hygiene items are also provided to participants.

Water Health & Hygiene Education, Planet Water Foundation

Volunteering Engagement

Volunteering, CSR, AquaTower, Clean Drinking Water, Planet Water Foundation

Deploying a Planet Water AquaTower makes for a great volunteering engagement project. An AquaTower can be deployed in a single day and can accommodate up to 10 project volunteers who will be engaged in: