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Corporate Partnerships

Our partnerships provide a unique platform for companies and organizations to make a measurable impact in the fight against water poverty.

We work with all of our partners to tailor programs focused on where they can make the most impact in bringing access to clean, safe drinking water and hygiene education.

Our partnerships also provide partner employees with the opportunity to be involved as volunteers during our program implementations through the construction of our community-based clean water systems while changing entire communities by helping our Planet Water Foundation educators implement our Water-Health and Hygiene Education Programs.

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Volunteering Engagement

Deploying a Planet Water AquaTower makes for a great volunteering engagement project. An AquaTower can be deployed in a single day and can accommodate up to 10 project volunteers who will be engaged in assembling and erecting the water tower, installing the water filtration system, and helping to facilitate the hygiene education programming. 

Partnership Stories

Planet Water Foundation’s partnership with Starbucks started in 2011 and with support of The Starbucks Foundation, has grown to cover 13 countries. Together with Starbucks partner (employee) volunteers in each country, we have been able to install AquaTower systems that increase access to safe, clean drinking water for coffee-growing communities and other underserved communities in Asia and Latin America.

Together, Planet Water Foundation and Xylem have provided clean water access to over 1 million beneficiaries. From community based water access and education projects to emergency response work in the wake of natural disasters, our partnership has seen projects deployed in 15 countries with the support of thousands of Xylem volunteers.

With a shared goal around the provision of clean water access, the Coca-Cola Foundation has been supporting Planet Water Foundation since 2016. Together we have deployed AquaTower systems in every single province of Cambodia.

Through our partnership, we have provided clean water access to people in and around the communities where Columbia Sportswear’s suppliers operate. Volunteers from both Columbia Sportswear and their suppliers have been a key part of all our project deployments.

Our partnership with Electrolux started in 2019 and covers projects in 6 countries across the Asia Pacific region, which we have deployed together with Electrolux volunteers. Electrolux has also been a key partner in our emergency response efforts, helping bring clean water access to communities impacted by floods in Cambodia in 2020 and Typhoon Odette in the Philippines in 2021.