Supporting 4 Million People in 28 Countries with clean water

Safe Water Access

Our water filtration solutions change the lives of children, families, and community members by removing bacteria, protozoa, viruses, pathogens and other contaminates greater than 0.01 micron to provide access to clean, safe drinking water.


Our holistic approach provides schools with the capability to sanitize latrines and high touch surfaces with chlorinated water to WHO standards to improve the hygiene and health of school children.

Hand Washing

Handwashing facilities and liquid soap dispensers are integrated into our water access solutions, while handwashing content forms a key part of our Water-Health & Hygiene education program.

Hygiene Education

Our Water-Health and Hygiene Education programs help create change in behaviors, beliefs and knowledge around water-health and hygiene practices in our project schools and communities.

We are a non-profit organization focused on alleviating the global water crisis by bringing clean water access and water-health and hygiene education programs to the world’s most impoverished communities.

Our programs are focused on schools, children, and rural communities across the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. Join us, and together we can abolish global water poverty one community at a time.

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Planet Water Impact

Since 2009, Planet Water has deployed projects in 28 countries, helping impoverished communities gain access to clean, safe drinking water and hygiene education.

Lives Impacted
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Project Monitoring
A Girl Using the AquaTower

AquaTower Water Filtration System

Planet Water’s AquaTower water filtration solution produces 1,000 liters of clean, safe drinking water per hour, enough to support the daily drinking water requirements of up to 1,800 people.

Disaster Response

Planet Water Foundation’s AquaBlock Emergency Water System provides clean, safe drinking water access when needed most in the wake of emergencies and natural disasters.

Planet Water Foundation Team Deploying AquaBlock System

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