Global Handwashing Day

All Hands Together For Handwashing Day​

With handwashing taking on more importance than ever before, each year Planet Water Foundation and our donor partners transform the lives of rural communities through our activation around Global Handwashing Day in October.

Transform Lives

Each project will support school children and members of the surrounding community with:

Handwashing Facilities

Each AquaTower system includes a handwashing station, with six handwashing points and integrated liquid soap dispeners. In addition, one year’s supply of hand soap is provided with each project.

School-based and Community-based Hygiene Education

Planet Water’s Water-Health & Hygiene education program creates a change in behavior, beliefs, and knowledge on life-saving hygiene practices. With a focus on handwashing, the program is reinforced with messaging on the AquaTower itself.

Access to Clean, Safe Drinking Water

The AquaTower water filtration system provides rural schools and communitiesaccess to clean, safe drinking water. With a simple operation and maintenance process, each system produces 1,000 liters of drinking water per hour capable of supporting up to 1,800 people.

Join us in making an impact

Global Handwashing Day provides a great CSR opportunity for our donor partners to directly engage their employees as volunteers on our projects.

We welcome both individual donations and corporate sponsorships.

For more information on corporate sponsorships, please contact


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