Water-Health and
Hygiene Education

Planet Water’s Water-Health and Hygiene education programs are an integral part of all of our solutions with our objectives focused on creating a change in behavior and knowledge on life-saving hygiene practices starting at an early age.

Our hygiene education programs are implemented through a holistic approach by providing education both in our project schools and also within each community through our school-based and community-based programs.

Meet Droplet

As the mascot for Planet Water’s Water-Health and Hygiene education program, Droplet teaches about Water-Health and Hygiene in a fun and interactive way. Droplet not only encourages children inside the classroom, but he can also be found on the AquaTower to reinforce the importance of clean water and how and when to wash hands at the point-of-use.

School-based Hygiene Education Program

Kicking off the installation of our clean water solutions, Planet Water implements a school-based Water-Health and Hygiene education program in each school we support through training the school teachers on the program so they can successfully implement it into their classrooms in the days and weeks following the project. In addition to training the teachers, we also conduct Water-Health and Hygiene games and activities with the students in the classroom.

Students will learn about germs and how they spread, how and when to wash their hands, the importance of practicing healthy hygiene habits, and how to make healthy food choices to have a healthy body and a healthy mind through a hands-on, activity-based program which incorporates games, drama, song, and storytelling.

Community-based Hygiene Education Program

‘A Clean Me’, our community-based hygiene education program, allows us to extend our reach into our project communities through educating parents, caregivers, and students together at the same time.

In addition to learning about the spreading of germs and hand washing, participants will also learn about other healthy hygiene practices such as bathing and tooth brushing, along with learning about the importance of healthy eating and being physically active. The program is comprised of a hands-on, interactive workshop designed in efforts to reinforce practicing healthy hygiene habits at home. During the workshop, hygiene items are distributed to participants to take home.