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Typhoon Goni Emergency Response

November, 2020

Goni, the world’s strongest storm in 2020, battered the Philippines in early November. The catastrophic winds and torrential rainfall buried hundreds of houses, left at least ten dead, and displaced 390,000 residents in the Bicol region. Among the damage caused by the super typhoon was a disruption to the water supply, which left survivors exposed to a higher risk of disease.

” I had a small store. I loaned money to have something to sell. I needed it to provide for my grandchildren that’s why I tried to save it when the heavy rains came. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to save anything. My 63-year-old husband also lost his income because our coconut crops were washed out, too. We can’t afford basic necessities anymore such as drinking water. Aside from the high cost, it is also inaccessible because the purified water seller comes to our area twice a week only.”

–  Estela Borac
57 years old

The Response

Planet Water Foundation and Xylem Watermark rapidly responded to the great need for clean, safe water by sponsoring two AquaBlock systems in Tobaco, one of the most devastated communities in Bicol. Each emergency water kiosk supports the daily drinking water requirements of up to 10,000 people.

“My husband is a farmer but he lost his livelihood because of Typhoon Goni. We have a lot of rebuilding to do because our home is severely damaged. It is burdensome to fetch water from the center so we just get water from the stream although we are not sure if it is safe for drinking. Because of the AquaBlock, we don’t have to spend and travel anymore for safe, clean water. Thank you!
– Rolily Brondial
“Goni destroyed my makeshift home. I have nothing left because everything was washed out. At first, I had to walk with my neighbors to the stream to fetch water in order to survive. We were not sure if it was clean but that was our only water source. We are happy with the filter we received because its water is safe for drinking. The AquaBlock will help us in rebuilding our lives.”

– Salvacion Bonganay
69 years old

After detailed training sessions conducted by the Planet Water team, the AquaBlock systems were handed over to the Tabaco City local government, who will use them to continue providing access to clean, safe water to impacted families.

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